Sunday, January 24, 2010

Better late than NEVER!!!

  I made a promise to my best friend that I would make a new post on Friday but due to stupid people in my life I was occupied with other things.  You see, I just don't understand what the fascination is with spreading rumors about someone. I mean, I go to work, I keep my nose out of everyone else's business, I work hard, and I go home.  I do NOT go down on the floor and ask questions to get some "dirt" on someone so that I can proceed to run my mouth, embellish, or make stuff up about people...I have so many other things...better things to do with my time. So, if I keep my nose out of the lives of others, why on earth does everyone feel like they have to make my life their business or make up stories and spread rumors about me? What did I do to them? Why can't everyone just let me come to work, do my job, and not worry about my personal life or who I am seeing or how much money I have or...well you get the picture?!? And then when these individuals get caught or confronted they push it off on someone else...which gets my goat anyway, but what upset me the most is that these people tried to blame a member of my family for it all and the fact of the matter is, my family has my back at all times and they in no way will be blamed. I love my family and I will believe them over ANYONE and EVERYONE else.  But anyway, back to all the crap on was completely out of the blue and it had me so upset and irritated that I didn't post and for that...J, I am truly sorry, but I am posting now so better late than never, right?!
  On a closing note, I simply ask anyone who reads this to please think twice before you "pass" a story or rumor on to other people about a person. The simple fact is that whether you mean to or not you are hurting them and just think how you have felt when a rumor about you has gotten back to you and it was not true and it was very very hurtful...take it from someone who seems to keep being the topic of rumors even though I don't talk to or assosciate with ANY of the guys I work is not fun and it does NOT feel good at all.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It is ALL good!!!

  So once again it has been a while since my last post and I can honestly say that alot of great things have happened since. Both of my brothers and their families came to our house for was a full house but it was an AWESOME full house!! One of my brothers (my older brother) lives in Iowa and works for John Deere...he has an awesome job and an awesome family and they drove all the way from Des Moines to stay with us. My other brother (my little brother) lives in Canada with his wife and they flew here for xmas and they had awesome news and I am so very excited for them!!  We spent xmas morning together and we had family pictures taken so overall the holiday was going great. BUT then it little thing that made the holidays so very amazing and unforgettable for me. What is that one little thing you might ask...well let me tell you. My boyfriend came to spend xmas eve with me which was a surprise in and of itself but that is not the little thing. Anyway, he was here to do the traditional "Bingo for Presents" that we do every xmas eve and then he got to open his presents from my family and me. He had to leave that night due to the fact that he had to work the next day which made me sad. he asked me to walk him out to the truck so I did...not knowing what was about to come. We got in the truck and sat there talking for a little bit when all of the sudden he pulled out a small blue velvet box and handed it to me saying "I want you to have something that you can wear all the time and look at and know that I love you...(I opened the box...and there is was)...I want you to wear this ring, this promise ring, and know that I love you with all of my heart." I started is beautiful and it is real gold and real diamonds and even though I am a silver and white gold fan, I wear it all the time with pride. Now I know to some of you that may not be such a huge deal...a promise ring...but to me it is. It is the first ring I have ever been given that is the step before an engagement ring so I am so happy and so in love.
  Life is going great for me...a big change from a couple months ago when I just wanted to disappear from my life. I love my family, I love my man, I love my ring...I LIKE my job and it is going good so as for right now, there are no complaints from me. I hope that you all had a great holiday season...I hope it was as great as mine...I don't think mine could have gotten any better (okay, okay, and ENGAGEMENT ring would have made it all perfect but...). I loved that I got to spend time with all of my brothers and sisters (in-laws included), nieces and nephews, my grandma, my mom, and my boyfriend. I didn't want it to end, but it had to and I am not ashamed to admit that I was hard for me to watch my brothers and their families drive away, but we will see eachother again soon (I hope) and I will ALWAYS have all the memories. Thank you to my family, thank you to my man. Happy happy happy am I!!!

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